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Roll back the years to 1978 and you’d find the ridiculously gorgeous Debbie Harry fronting Blondie, belting out the smash hit Sunday Girl. And me, a quietly rebellious, shy teen leafing through some cool magazine or other, spotting the most fabulous ‘punk’ tie – in red and cream stripes – in an advert for Whistles.

Doomed never to wear that brilliant Whistles tie…!

Teenagers had very little spending power back then, but I wanted that tie so badly. I never did manage to get one. Middlesbrough, where I spent my childhood, didn’t have a Whistles store and back then, with no internet, buying from a shop down south was more or less impossible unless they did mail order. It was a hopeless dream.

Our cool Whistles discount code

When I saw our Whistles discount code it brought memories of that tie rushing back. At the time I genuinely believed if I wore it, I’d suddenly be transported into a whole new world of cool with my tartan bondage trousers, ripped Sex Pistols T-shirt and awful fringe, bleached with Domestos then dyed green with cheap food colouring. I even believed, deep down, I might look a bit like Blondie, and some of the tie’s glory might rub off on me. But it wasn’t to be.

Today, all these years later, the very mention of Whistles makes me feel all excited, in a strange sort of Pavlov response way. How odd is that? On the other hand, they do sell some truly scrumptious stuff. And our current discount code offer – limited edition clothing from just £75 – sounds pretty tasty to me. Even though I usually haunt vintage and charity shops for all my clothes, the siren call of Whistles beckons more than three decades  down the line, all because of a tie.

It’s obviously time to treat myself so something fab, and by doing so finally lay the ghost of my broke teen punk self to rest! If you fancy joining me, here’s a link: Whistles discount code.

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