Discount Codes for Games

Some may think that delivering online discount coupons is a risky marketing strategy to increase sales. Probably because the coupon web bubble and the saturation it caused around this kind of promotion is still very recent. But consumer preferences have not changed: about 25% of online buyers who participated in this statistic study claimed to make use of coupons or discount codes, they receive by email always or quite often.

Many other data confirm this trend, not only in the generations of older consumers but also among young people, as we shall see below.

Another study by RetailMeNot confirmed that 93% of Americans surveyed by using coupons and already in the year of Statistics, 2013, 29% of respondents used coupons via mobile (mainly consumers between 18 and 34 years old). Another fact of the very revealing study: 65% of consumers indicated that having a discount coupon helped them decide to buy, and 63% confirmed that a discount made them reconsider the abandoned shopping cart.

In e-commerce, discount codes and promotions are an essential reason for users ‘ purchase satisfaction; a survey published by Statista indicated that 34% of respondents highlighted as a reason for pleasure in their online purchase the fact that there were discounts and promotions.

So it is not so much about promotional action, but about its approach. Coupons and codes serve to increase sales, attract new audiences and loyalty to our customers, but we must design an optimal and quality strategy to distribute them to the users that suit us. Distributing them indiscriminately and continuously can make our products lose value, apart from incurring losses if the promotion is not well structured or attracts new consumers susceptible to prices that are not interested in repeating the purchase at original cost.

Why are discount codes for games relevant to purchase and how to find the lowest price?

  • Look for legit promo code sites which refunds your money in case if you are not pleased. Read their policies and promotions to benefit the best deal you can make.
  • Benefit from all the discount codes you can find, so you can buy all the games and video games you can imagine. Get coupons so you can reduce the number of your purchases of consoles, video games and all kinds of games. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy cheaper with the following bonuses and discount tickets.

A study published in the Journal of retailing gave some handy tips when planning a good campaign of discount coupons. First, it recommended differentiating between the regular customers of a brand and those who do not consume its products, since the former are more likely to redeem coupons than the latter.

In its study, 25% of the coupons offered to regular customers were exchanged against 5% of those distributed to non-customers, although the incentive for the second group was higher. It is also advisable to launch a simple promotion on a particular product and a well-known brand. As a safe strategy, we can also choose to reward those loyal customers, because they are the most likely to redeem the coupon. And too very important, to point out which indicators will be analyzed and taken into account to check whether the campaign has been successful.