Wishing all our lovely customers festive jollity!

winter landscapeWhat a year it’s been! The British economy seems to have turned a corner at last, five years after the credit crunch and banking crisis hit the headlines and the world we knew imploded.

Looking back at the bad old days

It’s hard to imagine, these days, how back in 2008 so many people were buying second homes, becoming amateur property developers, taking out vast mortgages, stacking up rental properties and buying bling like there was no tomorrow. Minimalist interiors were a must, signalling that while we could afford loads of ‘stuff’, we were confident enough in our wealth not to feel the need to show it off. Looking back, it’s all a bit weird.

A brave, nicer new world

As I mentioned yesterday, in 2013 vintage is the new bling and charity shopping is as cool as a cool thing from a very cool place. We make do and mend, cut down on waste, get things mended instead of chucking them away and recycle or re-purpose everything we can. And interior decor is colourful, cosy and cluttered again, making our living spaces less museum-like and more like home.

Rich really doesn’t mean happy

In the last few years respected teams of scientists and worldwide studies have revealed being rich isn’t the way to happiness. The countries with the best happiness indices are those where people who live within their means, simply and in tune with their environments. Which is a slap in the face for rampant capitalism and consumerism. When you get your heart and head around spending less, owning less and wanting less, you’re more likely to feel good about life, love, the universe and everything.

All of which means we’ve had a great year. We reckon we’ve saved thousands of people money on everyday things, playing our small part in making the world a better, happier place.

Have a lovely Xmas

I know you don’t all celebrate Christmas. We’re a multi-cultural society. So the Discountcoder team would like to wish you all a wonderful winter break and a splendid New Year. Thanks for everything.

I’m signing off until 6th January, when I’ll be back with a post about making New Year money saving resolutions you can keep, and making them enjoyable instead of a drag. There’s no need for economising to be a miserable affair, it can be a really positive thing. So join us then.

(Thanks to http://www.sxc.hu/profile/ali-rose for the beautiful image)