We Really Are Green…

Here at DiscountCoder.com we pride ourselves on being as environmentally friendly as we possibly can be both in our home lives and the around office.

Lots Of Small Changes Add Up

It really is a no brainer, if we care about our planet’s future, we need to start making changes today. They don’t have to be huge changes that turn your world upside down, they just need to be effective. To do this we’ve put lots of small changes into action and are constantly on the look our for new and exciting ways of doing even more.

Here’s a quick look at just some of the ways we are working towards becoming an even greener company…

  • Rationing the paper around the office – once it’s gone it’s gone until the following month
  • Not producing catalogues or leaflets
  • Scraping business cards
  • Recycling system for all waste from cans to water bottles and cardboard with fortnightly collections
  • Switching our light bulbs for low energy consuming ones and always turning office electricals off at the end of the day – including fully shutting down PC’s, TV’s, projectors etc.
  • We encourage cycling to work, carpooling and offer funding for staff that take up the schemes. We even have a few communal bikes that our staff can use for local daytime trips.
  • We’ve made a conscious decision not to offer printable vouchers – not because we don’t think they are great, but because we have witnessed first hand the sheer volume of waste they produce from hordes of lunch time workers printing out multiple vouchers when in fact just one would do for a whole table of hungry mouths.
  • We use a web hosting and email provider who has won multiple awards for being the greenest in their industry and constantly launching initiatives to become even greener.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the future of our planet and the younger generations are of vital importance and that it’s our responsibility to take action today. As you can see we’re trying very hard to make a difference, but would of course be more than happy to hear your suggestions on what you think we could do to become even greener. If you have any thoughts, please do get in touch today

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