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Village Hats and Caps discount codes – Stay cool!

Are you a hothead?  As the spell of unseasonably warm weather rumbles on across the UK,  is your head suffering in the heat? Sometimes sun cream just isn’t enough. So thank goodness for hats! If you’re in the market for a cooler summer, use our useful Village Hats and Caps discount codes to cut the cost of stylish headgear.

There’s a massive selection of fab headwear in stock from classic Fedoras, Trilbys and Pork Pie hats to sophisticated 1970s-style floppy sun hats in jewel-like colours. Sleek berets to casual caps. And there’s every brand in the book from Jaxon, Kangol, Bailey and Tilley to Flexfit, Scala, Christys, Brixton and more.

Cowboy hats are ultra cool for girls, teamed with skinny jeans and big boots. Panama hats are the last word in chilled outdoor wear for men, made from super-fine straw with a generous brim. There’s ladies’ formal hats, a marvellous collection of stunning pieces perfect for spring and summer weddings, garden parties and every kind of posh ‘do’. Or you could rebel a little, pushing out the anti-fashion boat with a crazy hat that tops off your outfit perfectly, adding eccentricity and a certain je ne sais quoi to your look.       

A handy tip. How to wear your new hat? A cheeky downward angle makes all the sartorial difference. Whereas wearing your hat on the back of your head, tipped up, tends to make you look a bit of a goon… too much like Laurel & Hardy or a Ska band singer for comfort! 

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