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Use your home computer to get your finances organised…

We’ve already mentioned that keeping a real-time record of how much you’ve saved makes saving money easier and more fun. But you can do much more on the administration front to help get your finances organised. Take spreadsheets for a start. Make a simple spreadsheet and note down everything you spend each month. The act of putting your expenses and outgoings into a spreadsheet forces you to think actively about what you’re spending. Unlike your bank statement, which is a passive record.

Download Google’s free Gadgets sidebar. It includes a very simple but extremely handy list function, ideal for jotting things down before you forget them and writing lists of the things you need to buy. Making a shopping list encourages you to decide whether you really need your list items or just hankering after stuff you could easily live without.

Create Word documents to help you file vital information in one place. Use your brower’s favourites function to bookmark direct links to the websites that save you the most money. It’ll also reduce the time you spend faffing about hunting for the same sites time and time again! And take full advantage of your bank’s online services, checking your statement once a week to make sure you know exactly where you stand from a financial perspective…  simply managing to avoid going overdrawn can save you a lot of cash.

Knowledge is power. And a decent computer is a brilliant way to put yourself in the financial driving seat. Hop over to your main site and you’ll find a wealth of computer discount codes designed to punch a great big hole in your expenditure! 

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