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The power of language – successful selling on ebay

Buying on ebay is an excellent way to save money on all sorts of useful and exciting things. Selling on ebay is a great way to make extra cash and recycle unwanted stuff. And one of the best ways to boost your ebay sales is by bringing enthusiasm into play!

As collectors of various things, we’ve noticed the power of language. If someone on ebay calls an item ‘vintage’ or ‘superb’ or ‘lovely’ we’re more likely to look closer than if they just described it drily and factually.

Obviously fibbing doesn’t work… there’s no point describing something as ‘wonderful’ or ‘exciting’ if it’s actually a load of old tat! The truth invariably works best. But using language creatively, making a bit of an effort when you’re desribing something you’re selling on ebay, really does help you sell. Here’s an example. Which do you think sounds more attractive?

  • Semi-abstract oil painting of a landscape with trees and cows. Painted in 1952 by Arthur Jones RA.
  • Beautiful semi-abstract oil painting of an English landscape with grazing cows. Painted in 1952 by Royal Academy artist Arthur Jones RA. Signed, with original gallery label on the back. In great condition. Bang on trend for shabby chic styling!     

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