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The £100 wedding – Save money on the best day of your life

With weddings costing anywhere from £5,000 to £50,000 it’s no surprise that, while a high proportion of co-habiting couples would love to marry, they don’t.

A few minutes ago there was a feature about cutting the cost of a wedding down to £100 on Radio 4. Brilliant stuff, I thought… but I’ve been searching Google and the R4 site unsuccessfully for it ever since! Last week’s post about SEO comes to mind. But it’s probably worth checking the Radio 4 website later today.

In the meantime since I can’t find the Radio piece (or the guy’s website) on Google yet, here’s a few jolly good ideas I’ve researched elsewhere on the internet to help you save money on weddings. Luckily it doesn’t mean being tight. It just means being creative… and letting your loved ones get involved in all sorts of exciting ways.

Get everyone you know involved and ask for their help with:

  1. wedding photos – if loads of you take photos all day and all evening, there’s a huge choice and you can print your favourites
  2. cake – enlist the master baker in your social circle to create a wedding cake to die for
  3. has anyone you know got married recently? Or do any of their mums have a gorgeous vintage wedding dress hidden away? If you’re lucky you’ll find beautiful clothing and shoes to borrow. You can even have a wedding dress or suit professionally altered for your big day, at a fraction of the cost of a new outfit
  4. ask your gardening-obsessed friends and relatives to provide the flowers and table centrepieces
  5. do you know anyone with a posh car? If so would they drive you to your wedding, ribbons and all?
  6. hit your local vintage and second hand shops for the perfect wedding hat. Try your nearest craft or haberdashery shop for stunning silk flowers, beads, trimming, fabric and ribbons to make it a hat in a million
  7. it’s summer. So a wedding buffet is the perfect reception meal solution. Ask everyone to bring a savoury and sweet dish each and you’ll have a sumptuous feast everyone will enjoy contributing to
  8. home brew, anyone? We’ve already covered making your own Elderflower  champagne in seven days, but it’s too late in the year for that. If you don’t know anyone who brews their own, get your mates on the case or start off a few batches of fast-brew wines, beers and lagers

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