Thank you to all our lovely readers!

What a year it’s been, with the economy nose-diving yet again and money-saving tips hot on the nation’s lips. The trend has been reflected on telly, with programmes like Kirsty’s Vintage Home making a splash.

Almost every high street in Britain contains a string of charity shops, ‘make do and mend’ is bigger than ever and antiques are back in fashion. Recycling is top of the list and a couple of new phrases, up-cycling and re-purposing, have taken us by storm, with special up-cycling courses available across the country full of people keen to learn how to live for less and make cool stuff out of junk.

Two people up the road for us keep chickens, enjoying their own free range eggs, and almost everyone we know is growing their own veg like there’s no tomorrow. What about you?

What’s in store for 2013? It looks like more of the same. The penny pinching revolution will no doubt rumble on, and we’re prepared to keep feeding your imaginations with tips, ideas and inspiration.

I’m taking a decent chunk of time off to recharge my creative batteries. I’ll be back bright and early on 7th January with more money saving posts. In the meantime thank you so much for your loyalty over the past year. I hope you enjoy next year’s posts just as much.

As always we’ll be delighted to hear your own ideas for living more cheaply. In the meantime, here’s wishing our lovely readers a splendid Christmas and a very happy, low cost New Year. Cheers to all of you… you’re great!

X Kate