Telly’s Kirsty Allsopp supports free home make-overs

KirstyWe’ve been banging on about second hand, charity shop, give-away and antique emporium furniture buys for years now, so it’s fantastic to see TV’s Kirstie Allsopp helping ordinary folk transform their homes into something really special with furniture that’s been re-purposed, recycled, up-cycled and sourced for free, in her Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free programme.

Low cost chic goes mainstream

It looks like shabby chic, ‘make do and mend’ and DIY really are the thing to do, fashionable and chic, which is great news for people like us who like nothing better than making something stunning out of bits and bobs that cost next to nothing.

Just one of a suite of fab DIY home decor treats from Channel 4

If you want to catch the next episode it’s at 8pm on Tuesdays, Channel 4, a prime time slot reflecting the popularity of cutting the cost of home decor. I guess it’s no surprise after five years of recession, but it’s lovely to see. Here’s me feeling mainstream for the first time in my life!

The series joins a fine collection of Kirsty classics including Kirstie’s Vintage Home, Make Do & Mend, Kirstie’s Vintage Gems, Kirstie’s Homemade Home, Kistie’s Handmade Britain, Handmade Treasures, Making Space and Room for Improvement, all available here on 4OD (Channel 4′s on demand service). There are enough ideas in there to sink the proverbial battleship, so fill your boots!

What’s in store for penny-pinching interior decor lovers?

Episode one revealed Kirstie revealing how second hand is NOT second best, as she kits out two homes to stunning effect with a variety of creative free-sourced and up-cycled furniture. In episode 2 a couple, Curt and Nicola, kit out their first flat together for absolutely nothing, zero quids, and Kirstie helps transform a family room after it’s been destroyed by  flood. And that’s just the first two episodes. It’s excellent stuff, top penny pinching fodder and extremely creative. Go Kirsty!