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Teddy bears discount codes for cut price furry friends

In 1902 Teddy Roosevelt, the much-loved US president of the time, ordered the mercy killing of a young wounded bear. Ther story got into the papers and soon spread like wild fire, becoming particularly popular with children. As a result Teddy Bears were born. The toys were an instant hit and teddies have been cherished by kids all over the planet ever since.

So it’s no surprise that almost everyone has a teddy bear story. What’s yours? I left my teddy at the top of York Minster’s bell tower when I was about four, not realising until we were almost home in Middlesbrough. I screamed the place down ’til dad drove back, woke up the Minster man, fetched her down and brought her home.

When you buy a child their first teddy bear you’re buying years of devotion, love, comfort and fun. What a great gift. The best place to buy bears these days? How about World of Bears? There’s 25% off all Steiff orders right now with our World of Bears discount codes*if you’re in the market for a posh bear – go for any of Steiff’s gorgeous wild animals, miniature bears, personalised bears, farm animals, Arctic and marine, limited edition and fantasy animal collections and you’ll get 25% off. Nice!

You can search for your favourite bear by maker, type and style.  There’s beautiful  bears from Boyds, Charlie Bears, Deb Canham, Elgate Gollies… all in all a grand total of more than forty of the world’s best brands. Your one-stop teddy bear shop!

*link removed due to page removal

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