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Tatty tights and socks? It’s time for a turn-out!

It’s been a long winter. What sort of state is your sock drawer in? If it’s anything like ours it’s a sorry tangle of leg wear in various stages of decay with frayed edges, holey toes, laddered tights and odd stockings. It’s time to chuck our all your old tat and treat your feet to something new for spring! 

Thankfully we’ve got Tightsplease discount codes and UKTights discount codes for the ladies. UK Tights has a massive choice of tights, hold-ups, stocking, knee highs, footless tights, leggings and socks, in every colourway and pattern you can imagine. Tightsplease features the latest trends from London Fashion Week, from quirky to classic legwear. Bright sheer tights. Patterned tights. Slimming tights. Seamed stockings. You name it.

For the fellas there’s  Aspire menswear discount codes, Bagga menswear discount codes, Debenhams discount codes and loads more. So you can re-stock your disreputable sock drawer with smart, comfy socks you wouldn’t mind being caught naked in! 

The thing is, once you start getting rid of the old in favour of the new, it’s hard to stop. The same as when you decorate one room then realise the rest of the house looks tatty. Just make sure you don’t go too mad on your sock drawer spring cleaning frenzy. There’s nothing worse than wondering “where’s that nice old pair of socks…” two weeks after you’ve consigned them heartlessly to the bin!

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