Supermarket fuel bargains from 24th July 2014

a petrol feeder putting petrol in a carAre you travelling somewhere by car for your holidays or a short break? If so there’s great news on the horizon, with savings of as much as 20p per litre on petrol from supermarket forecourts.

Apparently the UK’s supermarkets have revealed a new wave of money-off petrol deals in a move that could start a fuel price war, since it’s such dramatic stuff and puts non-supermarket garages in the shade.

Sainsbury’s slashes 10p per litre off petrol for 6 days

From 24 July 2014 Sainsbury’s are shaving a whopping 10p off every litre of petrol, but only if you spend £60 in store… or online. Which is particularly good news since you don’t have to actually shop in person there to benefit from the deal.

All you need to do is go there to actually get your cheap fuel, via a voucher you redeem at any one of the supermarket’s 300 or so forecourts. On the down side, the special offer is only available until 30th July, a six day wonder.

Morrisons offer 6p off per litre with their Miles Card

Back on the bright side again, plenty of other brands are joining in, not to be outdone. Ah, the joy of competition! Morrisons, for example, are offering petrol at 6p off per litre when you spend £40, as long as you have a Morrisons’ Miles card registered before 22nd June. The down side again… if you don’t have one, it’s a no-go.

Tesco drives petrol prices down with 20p off per litre

Tesco has also cut fuel prices, with a massive 20p off per litre when you spend fifty quid in the store itself over a month, as long as you own a registered Tesco Clubcard.

Asda fuel  prices always feature a nationwide price cap

Asda, on the other hand, are steering clear. They say they’re the only UK supermarket to provide a nationwide price cap on petrol, which means there are no regional price fluctuations and their prices are rock-bottom low all the time.

Supermarket tarts are in the money!

If you’re a supermarket tart and have storecards at different outlets, you could be in money-saving clover.