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We are extremely proud of this website and naturally want as many people to be able to use and enjoy it as possible. That is why we have invested heavily in making sure our site is as accessible as it can be…

The Sky Should Be The Limit!

The internet is an extremely powerful tool and as such we believe there shouldn’t be any barriers to using it, no matter what your circumstance, which is why we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that this website is as accessible to as many people as possible and this started from day one.

When we were drawing up the plans for the new site we took many things into consideration in regards to accessibility, making decisions that would impact the look, feel and functionality of the site, ultimately resulting in a stylish, easy to use and accessible piece of the web.

Here are just some of the things we took into account when working on the brand new to ensure those with motor deficiencies and cognitive disabilities can access and enjoy the site.

  • When building out the site we undertook rigorous testing against some of the most popular screen readers available today to make sure the new design and functionality help up against those technologies.
  • We addressed keyboard navigation issues which are a common cause of frustration for those that require the assistance of screen readers, as well as ensuring individuals using text only browsers would still have a rich and fulfilled discount code experience.
  • We use clear simple language throughout the site incorporating both images and text to maintain a balance of descriptive, informative and understandable content.
  • We have stripped down and simplified site navigation, offering descriptive links and text to minimise confusion as well as building an intuitive search functionality with a one click trigger.
  • We have avoided the use of blinking or flickering elements and images across the site with every colour, font size and background being carefully considered before being implemented.
  • We have worked on the flow and functionality of the entire site, with the hope of creating a simple, yet powerful platform.
  • Where possible we have worked towards validating both our html and cascading style sheets for the benefit of browsers and users alike.
  • We have made full use of alt and image tags for non-text elements to aid screen readers.
  • We have made full use of a flexible layout powered by css, limiting the need for both frames and tables to ensure a clean, easy to digest layout for as many visitors as possible.

As we are sure you can see we’ve tried to touch on as many areas of site accessibility as we possibly can but we are more than happy to hear from you with any comments for improvement that you want to bring to our attention.

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