Shoe frenzy? Use our Kurt Geiger discount codes

Aren’t ladies shoes brilliant fun at the moment? As someone who has happily tottered around on silly high heels since the mid ’70s, I can assure you that shoes have never been so funky. Weird-shaped heel and toe shapes, vintage fabric, embroidery, massive bows, super-high platforms… anything goes.

1970s platforms were equally crazy. There was a recession then, too. The next recession, in the early ’80s, resulted in vast shoulder pads. God, they were awful. I can’t remember the 1990s – I was mostly drunk and too busy partying. But I wonder if there’s a link between extreme fashion and recessions?

Anyway, I digress. Autumn is the season for stashing your sandals and dusting off your shoes ‘n’ boots. Or, if last year’s crop of shoes have seen better days, recycling them and buying new footwear for the coming cold season.

Every time I shop in Brighton I’m drawn to the Kurt Geiger store like a moth to a flame. Usually a shoe shop is a shoe shop is a shoe shop. It all gets a bit ‘blah’ after a while because they stock such similar stuff. But Kurt Geiger shoes are little works of art. They take today’s eccentric heel shapes a step or two further than anyone else. They’re not scared to use colour… big style! And their mens’ shoes are madly stylish, the last word in just-off-the-catwalk blokes’ footwear. Shoes to die for.

So it’s good to know we have a particularly generous Kurt Geiger discount code on board at the moment, perfectly timed for that essential autumn shoe-buying frenzy. Here’s a link. Click through for ladies shoe sale items from just £39. It’s Kurt Geiger discount codes madness and it stops on the 18th October 2011!