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Set up a car pool and save money on transport costs

Car pools are becoming enormously popular as we get greener. Petrol costs are still sky high and it’s unlikely they’ll ever go down because whether we like it or not, fossil fuel is a finite resource. There’s no point moaning about it. Take action instead! Thousands of people across the country already share the school run. Even better, kids are starting to walk to school again because we’ve finally realised it’s much better than them getting fat and lazy being ferried everywhere by car.

An increasing number of British towns and cities have citizen-run fleets of small, energy efficient cars that residents can hire when they need transport rather than going to the expense of buying a car of their own. Parking is a nightmare and it’s getting worse every day. Some of us even have to pay the local council for a resident’s parking permit just to park outside our own homes. All of which is fair enough with global warming and booming populations hot on the agenda.

A car pool can be as formal or informal as you like. If you work with a bunch of local people you can take turns driving four of you to work. More if you’ve got a big car, 4×4 or people carrier. If you know your neighbours you can arrange a mass visit to the supermarket at the weekend, using two or three cars between you rather than everyone taking their own. Some communities club together to buy a communal car or two for everyone to use on a rota or on demand basis.

There’s a load of useful information online about setting up a car pool or car share scheme. Or you cam make up your own system that suits everyone involved. It can be as simple as giving lifts to people who live near you at every possible opportunity or as complex as a fully-fledged, website-run scheme involving hundreds of people.

Either way it’s a smart way to cut your emissions, pollute less, save cash on fuel and parking and get to know new people.

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