is the UK’s biggest water efficiency shop, selling more than 300 water saving products online. Saving water saves money, so it’s an excellent resource for cutting household water bills.

If you don’t have a water meter, why not contact your supplier and see if they’ll fit one for you? Even if you don’t have a water meter, saving water cuts your power bills too so it’s always worthwhile. 

Here’s just a few great gadgets and gizmos savewatersavemoney sells:  

  • did you know reducing your shower time by a minute can save a family of four around £100 a year in water and energy? Shower timers cost as little as £2.85 plus VAT!
  • did you know that your taps can chuck out up to 18 litres of water each per minute?  Buy a Tap Insert Twin Pack and you can reduce the flow on two taps to just 3.5 litres a minute, a saving of up to 12 litres a minute – which has a noticeable effect on your water and power bills. And you won’t notice any difference in tap performance
  • did you know you can clean your car beautifully without water? Waterless Car Cleaning washes and waxes your car using a specially developed spray, wipe-on, wipe-off 
  • the Gutter Mate rain filter and water saver system is a brilliant gizmo that saves useable water from your guttering for use around the garden

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