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Save up to 10% on petrol

A lot of research has been done by people like the AA into driving cars fuel-efficiently. As it turns out, you can save up to 10% on your petrol bills by taking some simple, painless steps. Here’s the first in a series of three posts about how to drive responsibly, save fuel and take better care of the environment while you’re at it. 

  1. an efficient engine that’s running as it should uses less fuel than one that’s running poorly. Regular servicing means your vehicle’s engine is in tip top condition, using the amount of fuel it’s designed to use – and no more
  2. when you’re tyre pressure is optimised, you’ll use less fuel. Check your tyre pressure regularly and make sure you know what the optimum pressure is – your handbook will give details about which pressures are best for various loads. Four people in a car means you need higher tyre pressure than if you’re driving alone, and the small savings you make on each journey, long or short, soon stack up
  3. using the right kind of oil helps too, believe it or not… again, check your handbook for details
  4. don’t leave your engine idling. Fuel pollution is worse in cold weather and your car uses more fuel in the cold too, so idling is very wasteful. Only start the engine when you’re ready to go and, if it’s icy, scrape the ice off rather than using your engine’s warmth to melt it
  5. the faster you go the more fuel you use, so keep to the speed limits. Travelling at 70 uses around 9% more petrol than 60 and 80mph speeds use up to 25% more than 70, as well as being illegal!

If you want to see what you’ve saved, fill up your tank and note your mileage, then drive as normal until you’re empty. Start driving with fuel efficiency in mind when you fill up again, check your mileage first and see how many more miles per gallon you get out of your car as a result. Don’t forget to make a note of something special you’d like to buy with the cash you’ve saved, using our discount codes to cut the cost of cool stuff even more!

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