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Save money with home made Christmas ‘hampers’

Have you ever bought a pre-made Christmas hamper? They’re OK but unless you spend a fortune, they often contain stuff you’d never eat in a million years. Like jars of anchovies… urgh! Yes, you can make DIY festive food hampers. But why restrict Christmas hampers to food? You can just as easily make gift hampers that reflects people’s interests, hobbies and passions accurately. And you can’t beat the personal touch.

Here’s a few ideas for creating beautiful Christmas gift hampers with a difference. You can cut the cost of many of the ‘ingredients’ using our discount codes.

A grow your own herbs hamper: perfect for young or starter gardeners and for people who love tasty home cooking! Fill a small basket with miniature terracotta pots – decorated if you’re artistic – plus packets of herb seeds, a little book about growing your own herbs, stakes, a mini watering can and a litre pack of compost. Wrap it in cellophane and tie it with a ribbon.

A creative and art hamper: ideal for budding artists and craftsmen of all ages. Fill a basket with tubes of paint, crayons, coloured and lead pencils, a sketch pad, art papers, glues, craft paints, glitters, brushes, felt pens, coloureds sticky tape, rubber stamps, inks…

A luxury bathroom hamper: great for people who love spending time indulging themselves with deep, bubbly, luxurious baths!  Find a pretty glass jar – pound shops are great places to pick up attractive Kilner-style jars, spice jars, pasta jars or kitchen storage jars. Fill it with floating candles, bath bombs, rose petals, smelly soaps, bath oils, essential oils and bubble baths. And tie a ribbon round the neck. Yummy!

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