Save money with gap insurance… and get the best deal, guaranteed

ala-mainSave money with what?!

If you haven’t heard of Gap Insurance it’s pretty useful stuff, especially if you’ve bought a vehicle on finance.  And Ala Insurance’s guarantee that you’ll get the lowest possible price for gap cover with our discount codes is pretty damn useful too.

Most comprehensive car or bike policies provide cover on a ‘new vehicle replacement’ basis for the first year. If your vehicle is written off or stolen after that, your insurance payout will probably leave you out of pocket, only covering the market value.

The market value is usually more than the trade price but less than the retail replacement cost. Gap insurance covers the difference between the insurance payout and the amount of money you originally paid for the vehicle, so even if your insurer won’t pay out enough to cover the finance you still owe on it, you don’t lose out.

Say you bought a motorbike worth £10,000 and wrote it off two years later, at which point it’s worth just £6,000. A gap insurance policy would pay out the £4,000 difference.

Our discount codes give you access to a gap product that’s the best value… guaranteed. So if you’ve recently bought a new bike or scooter, why not protect your pocket just in case?