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Save money TWICE by recycling your old mobile phones!

How many dead mobile phones do you have hanging around in your house, gathering dust? One of the newest ways to save bundles of cash is to sell your old mobiles for re-use or recycling. But if you’re extra clever you can save money twice!   

We love a double whammy! So how does it work?

  • Find out the value of your old phones by tapping the model number into any of the many mobile phone recycling websites online. It only takes a few seconds
  • Approve your valuation online 
  • Send your phones off in the special freepost bag provided when it arrives
  • Wait for your money to turn up – it usually takes around 48 hours to get your payment through

Because today’s pre-paid phones can cost as little as £9.99 new, you won’t get much cash back on some models. But others can net you as much as £160. 

It’s also the environmentally friendly and socially responsible way to dispose of old mobile phones. Most sites re-use at least 95% of the phones they buy, sending them in bulk to countries across the developing world where many people can’t afford a new mobile. The 5% or so that are far too knackered are recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  

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