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Save money on fashion beach wear… weather permitting!

Well, the weather’s not looking too hot even though the school holidays have kicked off – usually a sign for things to get a bit more summery! With a bit of luck  you’ll get some sunbathing in this season, whether it’s on holiday somewhere hot or on a good old British staycation under canvas.

If you haven’t sorted out your beach wear yet, our fashion discount codes will help you cut the cost of something really smashing. All you have to do is scan any UK or foreign beach and you’ll see a load of people who would probably be better off leaving their clothes on. Good quality, cleverly cut swimwear makes all the difference. A great fit is essential for smoothing away your worst lumpy bits and the style you choose can make all the difference between looking luscious and slightly scary, a la beached whale.

Skimpy bikini bottoms are all very well when you’re gorgeously slim, even when you’re the colour of a milk bottle. But unless you’re a sylph it really does look better to cover up a bit. Luckily the current  vintage, 1950s, Mad Men, shabby chic and The Room craze means there’s loads of beautiful, super-stylish swimming costumes and two pieces that look like they’ve come straight out of a ’50s film. Wonderfully flattering and the coolest of the cool.

One-pieces with little skirts are hot this summer, as are one-piece Lycra Victorian-style bathers with knee length legs like cycling shorts. They look fabulous on men and women and you can still tan all the bits that show when you’re dressed.

Just remember whatever shape, size or build you are – even if you’re a perfect specimen of the male human body, Michaelangelo’s David made flesh – step away from the Budgie Smugglers! Speedo is a top class swimwear brand and they offer a lot more than traditional Speedo trunks. So you can safely swerve those mega tight swimming briefs and go for something that doesn’t place your jibblies in quite such high relief!

We’ve got piles of fashion discount codes this summer, many of which give you discounts on swimwear. So have fun and knock ‘em dead on the sand!

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