Save money by buying top quality pet food

steve the catOur cats Dave, Steve and Molly are the light of our lives. They’re such funny little people, each with their own personality.

Molly has been with me since she was a kitten twenty years ago and she’s a game old bird, a bit creaky but very jolly. Dave, a tiny little black fella, was found in a bin in Brighton and we adopted him as a kitten a couple of years ago. And Steve, a huge black boy with white toes and bib, came from a cat rescue home in Brighton last August. Together with my husband and I, we’re a very happy family.

Quality cat and dog food costs less in the long run

I’m pretty fussy about what the humans in our home eat, and I reckon the pussies deserve the best too. So it’s great to discover that feeding them top quality food instead of the cheap stuff works out less expensive.

It seems counter-intuitive, but they eat much less of the good quality pet foods – which are natural and organic with a high meat content and no added rubbish – than ordinary food. Apparently the same goes for dog foods: the better the quality, the happier the dog, the less it costs.

About natural dog food

The best natural premium dog food  is packed with human-grade meat and fish, which is pure protein and easier for dogs to digest. There’s good stuff like brown rice and potato, excellent for for natural energy, vitality and doggie bounce. They contain natural glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy,  strong joint and natural prebiotics for healthy digestion. And because they’re hypo-allergenic, without wheat gluten, wheat, soya or dairy products, they’re perfect for sensitive types.

Doggie dreams

It’d be lovely to have a dog but unless we win the lottery and buy the smallholding we often dream about, we don’t really have the room. And it’d drive Dave, Steve and Molly nuts, which wouldn’t be fair. But if you have a well-loved pooch and want to save cash on dog food, you could try Pooch and Co. I love the photo of Sophie with her dog – so cute! For cats, try Iams wet and dry food – our cats adore it.

Steve’s kitchen sponge obsession

I’ve included a photo of Steve playing with the water in the bathroom sink. He loves running water and gets into it as often as he can.

Our neighbours love Steve (he loves them too – I am slightly envious!). Apparently he regularly brings them kitchen sponges, which he nicks from our sink. He also brings us sponges, apparently from their house! He even stole a massive car wash sponge from their garage a couple of weeks ago, dragged it through the cat flap and proudly presented it to us. Silly thing…