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Save cash on kids toys for the summer hols

If you’re a parent you’re probably wondering how to keep the kids entertained this summer. Back in the ’70s we’d be herded outdoors at the crack of dawn with jam butties crammed into our pockets, returning home for tea filthy and exhausted from playing out all day. It was great fun. But if you let little kids play out all day these days, you’d probably face charges of neglect!

Luckily there’s loads of brilliant free and cheap stuff going on right through the season. Things like festivals, fun fairs and outdoor concerts, summer fetes, craft and vintage fayres, agricultural shows, street performance, exhibitions, steam shows, parades, Gay Pride celebrations, boot fairs, free sports events and museums are a lifesaver. Plus there’s beaches, mountains and forests to picnic and play in. And animal farms to enjoy.

But you can’t go out every day. So what about the times you’re stuck indoors? Children grow up alarmingly fast and grow out of their toys equally quickly. The toys you bought at Christmas might have already reached the end of their educational and entertainment life.

There’s always cheap creative things to do like drawing, painting and colouring, collages and cooking. You can put the tent up in the garden for them to play in. Kids love that! Or let them build indoor dens with furniture and bedding. But boredom is inevitable at one point or another. And a few carefully-chosen new toys might be the only way to save your sanity!

Luckily we can help you save money on kids toys. Here’s three of our top toys discount codes:

  • Toys R Us discount codes* – shop online instead of enduring serious pester power in person!
  • 1st for Toys discount codes* – a popular kids’ toys site set up by a couple of enterprising Darlington lasses back in 1999, where you can browse by character, brand, product and age
  • Ragdoll Online Store discount codes* – an excellent source of  toys, party stuff, clothes and accessories, DVD and audio, homeware and books

*link removed due to page removal

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