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Want to pick up a fantastic bargain? Collect a discount code from Discount Coder right now

The Sun is a website always worthy of a bargain hunter’s attention

The Independent

One of the most exciting voucher code sites, helping to reduce the cost at the checkout

Bargain Hunter – The Independent

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Use discount codes to help light up your life and reduce SADness!

Pleased to see the back of winter, now you can make the feeling of the light evenings last all year long

New zeitgeist, new behaviour: It’s the money saving revolution!

The zeitgeist is all about efficiency. Saving money and resources, not wasting them

It just doesn’t add up: campaigning for ‘life lessons’ in schools

Too many of us leave school without the faintest clue about how to take care of our personal finances.We’re tossed into a sea of financial mystery and many of us never manage to swim to shore

GPS – the greatest relationship saver of the century!

When was the last time you almost came to blows over in-car map reading? Or ended up not speaking to one another on a long journey because of it? If you haven’t got yourself a GPS yet, perhaps it’s time to bite the bullet

Saving money on insurance – Do you love or hate taking risks?

Most of us don’t like having to buy insurance. It’s a necessary evil. But exactly how necessary is it? Daisy Bell, discount code expert, reveals a key question to ask yourself before you renew your cover automatically

Sunday snoozers help Thomson sell summer

It’s official, sunday is the day of roast dinners, snoozes in front of the TV and spending online for your yearly summer holiday. This press release discusses the weekly traffic spikes that help travel agents make millions online

Toys discount codes save parents ‘a small fortune

Buying the kids gifts has been getting more and more expensive for decades. Whether times are good or bad, parents tend to put the kids first and push the boat out. This year is no different. So how to minimise the financial damage?

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