Planning meals ahead for a month – Week 3

Here’s another bunch of seven recipe suggestions for our third set of weekly main meals. When you plan ahead you waste less, spend less and eat better. And because you plan an entire month’s main meals up front, you don’t get bored. If you’re a creature of habit and tend to cook the same stuff over and over again, week on week, it’ll bring back some welcome variety to your meals!

  1. rich mushroom and cheese pasta with home made cheese sauce, garlic and fresh mushrooms
  2. gammon steaks, baked beans and salad
  3. tasty, thick onion soup with fresh red or ordinary onions, dried mixed herbs, salt and pepper. Served with crusty bread and butter
  4. tuna quiche with chips and salad
  5. chicken and leek pie with peas. Make your pie with ready-roll pastry, filled with chunks of chicken and leek in thick Bisto chicken gravy
  6. sausages, tinned broad beans and cheesy mash
  7. special fried rice with leftover chopped veg, pieces of fried egg, cubes of ham and tinned peas

It’s always worth experimenting to find out whether it’s cheaper to make your own pies and quiches or buy them ready made. When you make your own home cooked pies and so on you know for a fact what’s in there, avoiding chemical nasties like preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. If buying ready-made turns out cheaper, at least you’re alternating home cooked food with ready cooked rather than eating ready meals all the time.