Pick Sainsbury’s discount codes for free fridge recycling and more

When I left North Yorkshire for Art College in Brighton, back in the early ’80s, there was no such thing as Sainsbury’s ‘up north’. When my college compatriots talked about “going to Sainsbury’s” I thought they were talking about a posh restaurant. Scared to spend my limited grant money on eating out in case I ran out of funds before the end of my first term, I avoided it. So it took me a couple of weeks to twig it was a supermarket. Doh.

Now they’re everywhere, and Sainsbury’s is a massive commercial success story. We’ve been shopping there for years so it’s good to see a bunch of generous Sainsbury’s discount codes on board. Here’s a few to whet your appetite:

  • Spend £150 on outdoor furniture and save £15 – OK, you’ve probably stashed your outdoor furniture in the garage or shed for the winter, but if you need a new set or haven’t bought any yet, this is an excellent time of year to pick up an out-of-season bargain. Offer expires on the 20th of this month
  • Spend £250 in-store on anything except groceries and save a tenner ’til  the 14th November
  • Recycling fridges and fridge freezers is free until 26th November – brilliant news when recycling usually costs a good few quid. They sell them too, so you can pick up a brand new, amazingly energy-efficient replacement model for less while you’re at it
  • New customers save £15 on £100-worth of groceries until 14th

Like every supermarket good old Sainsbury’s has a comprehensive online store, with fast delivery at convenient times. Head their way for a fantastic choice of great quality stuff:

  • food and drink
  • home and garden
  • appliances
  • technology
  • entertainment
  • toys and games
  • sport and leisure
  • finance
  • offers
  • a special Christmas section (I know we promised not to mention the ‘C’ word ’til December 1st but in this case we’ll let it slip quietly through!)