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Oscars On A Budget

Party season has officially started with the Oscars taking place last night, but its only the privileged that are invited to such a prestigious event, and the majority that are do not really have to worry about making savings and working with a small budget. So why not hold your own “oscarette type party” at home on a shoestring, here are a few ways you can achieve it and make great savings thrown in:

1. Number one on the list has to be the dress, the right type of dress will be talked about more than the event itself, so as most of us cannot afford an original designer number why not bring your creativity to the forefront and make your own. There is nothing worst than going to an event and having the same dress on as someone else, by making your own you do limit the chance of this happening. I suggest a trip to a Charity Shop and choose two or three dresses that would blend well together, and a one off stunning creation could be made out of all three. We are very into recycling, reclaiming etc., etc., so this would be a great way of doing just that.

2. On the day of the big night, schedule a preening session with a friend, no cash will pass hands but you will both feel so much more relaxed whilst carrying out your manicure, pedicure, and massage on each other.

3. The make-up, getting this right can be tricky, we don’t want to apply our everyday make-up and we can’t afford a make-up artist so, book yourself in to one of these famous cosmetic shops that offer a free makeover, and go just before the party starts. You will get a different look that will make you feel special, but will not cost anything at all.

4. The hair is next, so we keep being told by the media it is very on-trend not to have a to polished look when it comes to your hairstyle, apparently the organic look is more effective. Suits me cheap as chips as well, so scrape back that ponytail and add a scrunchy, very of the minute. This will have the desired effect and who can tell whether you’ve been to a top stylist to create such a look, or you’ve got your Mum to do it.

5. Shoes – again bring an old pair up-to-date by adding a huge flower clip or sparkly affect, which is the same colour as your dress you have made.

6. Party fayre, copy the menu from the Oscars but use cheaper cuts of meat, for e.g., mini burgers can be made with mince and onion, rather than the best cuts of beef. Always make your own food; tastes and looks better, the mini portion idea is a good one, as people do not want to be seen as taking to many so will not cost you as much.

7. Forget the champagne, wine, lager I could go on and on, make two punches one alcoholic one not, everyone will then be on the same drink which will reduce the cost and punches are on the whole quite cheap to make.

8. Present for the host – instead of spending money on flowers, chocolates or wine, why not make them something. This will be much more thought of and remembered well after the party evening has gone. A nice crafty gift, or a how about even baking a cake.

Published February 28, 2011 & Filed in Discount Coder Chat

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