Next up? It’s the Olympics. Let’s get fit!

What a great year we’re having! Now the Jubilee celebrations are over, everyone’s looking forward to the 2012 London Olympics and hopes are high that the event will inspire millions of us to take up a new sport. They call it the Wimbledon Effect and apparently it’s pretty powerful.

But competitive sports aren’t for everyone. They’re certainly not for me. My memories of sport at school are completely miserable, a nightmare of skinny legs and stick-like freckly arms, ‘two left feet’ (as my school sports reports cruelly revealed) and freezing weather, playing hockey up North in the ’70s when it was minus twelve degrees outside and the ‘all weather’ pitch was two feet deep in snow. I have absolutely no competitive spirit. If someone says “I’m going to beat you”, my natural reaction is to say “oh, go ahead then.”

There’s nothing worse than being left ’til last when your school friends are choosing teams, standing there unwanted next to the school’s one and only fat lass (we were much skinnier back in the olden days!)

While I was the worst tennis player our PE teacher had ever seen and hated basketball, running, field sports and hockey with a passion that still makes me feel angry today, I’ll happily compete against myself. Over the years I’ve done Wainwright’s 190 mile Coast-to-Coast walk twice. I’ve climbed Helvellyn at least ten times, cycled the London to Brighton bike ride nine times, walked 25 miles or more a day across the South Downs without a problem and have done a fair amount of rock climbing and potholing over the years.

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