New Year discount codes for the planet’s best online bargains

Last year we had the driest summer and autumn for donkey’s years. Now the weather’s making up for it. There’s a gale raging outside, hurling fat chunks of cold rain against my window and blowing the gum trees more or less horizontal. Nasty. Do I want to go out to sample the new year sales? In a word, no. I’m staying put with a hot coffee, woolly socks and a comfy chair. We need a few bits and bobs, it’s a great time of year for bargains and I’m on the trail of some hot discount codes.

On site right now we’ve got Surfdome discount codes for the coolest lifestyle stuff in town. Now we’ve finally got some proper winter weather to contend with, Cloggs discount codes will come in handy for new winter boots. If nobody bought you perfume for Christmas there’s Fragrance Direct discount codes to help you redress the situation for less. And if your little one has put on a serious growth spurt over the festive season and needs new clothes, there’s Mothercare discount codes too.

Our Muubaa discount codes are what I really need. My woolly coats are too warm for this weather and it’s so rainy I end up looking like a drowned rat. What I need is leather. I haven’t had a good quality leather jacket for years and Muubaa’s gorgeous online boutique is stuffed with the latest leather wear for men and women. Everything from extremely cheeky leather rider hotpants to vintage-style biker jackets in fab colours like ruby red, gun grey and rust. Plus sheepskins, leather trousers, leather skirts and more. Fab!

The best Muubaa deals for January 2012? Wow, these are good:

  • save 50% when you spend £501 or more
  • save 1/3 when you spend  between £215 and £500
  • save 25% when you spend £250