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Moms Most Likely to Search Multiple Coupon Sources

Image from star5112How many different sites and sources do you use to look for vouchers, discount codes and other deals each week? A report from TTKN shows that there is a good chance that you search multiple sources and the chance is especially great if you are a mom.Some of the facts highlighted in this report include:

  • Two thirds of all adults will search at least two different coupon sources every week.
  • More than ten percent of adults will actually search more than ten different sources for deals on a weekly basis!
  • Moms are more than twice as likely as non-mom women to search multiple sources weekly for deals. More than eight out of ten moms do so.
  • This takes up a lot of time. 25% of adults spend more than half an hour per week looking for deals. Half of all adults spend at least fifteen minutes per week looking for deals.
  • Local deals are increasingly included in the deal search. Whereas people previously may have searched for nationwide coupons, the focus right now is on local deals. About half of those surveyed said that they are using more local deals now than they did one year ago.

It is important to shop around for the best deals. However you do also have to think about the value of your time and how much time it takes to do those cost comparisons. In some cases it may be valuable to find the best discount code sites and to follow them loyally rather than always seeking out fresh new sources for deals.

Published April 25, 2011 & Filed in Discount Coder Chat

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