Mix ‘n’ match vintage and new – Save cash on wedding gear

There’s an autumn or winter wedding in the air. So what do you wear? Whether you’re the happy couple or a guest it’s the best excuse in the world to get dressed up to the nines, do the bride and groom justice and strut your stuff for wedding photo posterity.

Luckily gorgeous gear needn’t cost a fortune. You can hire. You can use our fashion discount codes for seriously stylish brand new outfits. And you can buy cannily, building up a unique look that’ll please your pocket as much as your fashion sense.

This one’s for the girls. But blokes can apply the same principle. Here’s my recipe for an unforgettable wedding outfit that blends classy threads seamlessly with low cost bargains.

First, pick your colour scheme. Then…

Buy one or two posh things

It’s tempting to blast loads of money on posh stuff across the board. But mix and match is great too, giving your outfit an exciting twist.

So choose just two posh items, say a beautifully cut designer jacket and really good shoes or a luscious dress and bolero. They’ll set the stage for your outfit.

Indulge in stockings and tights

Here’s another area where you can splash out without destroying your bank account. Buy patterned, lace, seamed, fishnet, opaque or embroidered tights or stockings and make a feature of them.  There’s a vast choice online.

Hit Primark 

You’ve got your gorgeous jacket and fab shoes. Now head somewhere like Primark. Their plain stretchy cotton tops are actually quite good quality and they have an excellent choice of lovely colours. They look surprisingly good on their own and even better when accessorised.

Discover vintage treasures

If you prefer something unique, haunt your local vintage shops and antique emporia. You might find a shell pink lacy 1950s blouse, a crazy 1960s halter neck top in super-bright colours or a pure white Victorian cotton blouse with masses of tiny pearl buttons. A vintage wriggle dress, a ’70s lurex maxi dress or an ’80s shoulder- padded number with sequins, perfect to go under your expensive jacket.

This year I’ve picked up:

  • an orange and brown tweed pencil skirt by Planet in our local charity shop, a perfect fit, very Audrey Hepburn and as posh as you like for a fiver
  • my favourite jacket ever, hand made in scarlet tartan, fitted, with a pale yellow silk lining printed with little foxes. I think it’s a young lady’s hunting jacket and it fits like a glove. Such fun
  • a mid-calf coral orange linen designer pencil skirt with a split front and back for £6
  • a black 100% wool pencil skirt with gorgeous little pleats that swing round your knees as you walk, for £3.95

Dig up glittering jewels

Charity shops and antique emporia are also excellent sources of vintage jewellery. How about several strings of vintage pearls in subtly different creams, or ten of them for a dramatic yet hugely classy effect. A triple string of 1950s glass or cut crystal beads? Or a huge 1970s ‘gold’ costume jewellery chain?

Go Gok

If you’re brave enough, accessorise like Gok Wan. Dig up fab belts and silk scarves in junk shops. Make your own belt from a strip of soft suede, simply tied in a floppy knot. Buy loads of old beads and re-thread them to make a unique necklace. Sew a silk flower on a length of velvet ribbon, add a couple of press studs and you’ve made a sexy Victorian-style choker. You get the picture!

Create fab funky hats

Charity shops are fabulous for hats of every kind. Buy lush silk flowers or ribbons and bows to decorate your hat. Attach a home made fascinator. Tack on a tiara. Or pin a stunning vintage brooch… the possibilities are endless.

(Thanks to http://www.sxc.hu/gallery/knox_x/2 for the lovely image)