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Make your own Christmas wrapping paper and save money

If you buy posh wrapping paper it can cost you up to three quid a sheet. Ouch! But the cheap stuff is horrible, really thin and nasty, easy to tear and a nightmare to wrap with.  So what’s the solution? DIY wrapping paper saves money. It’s much better quality than cheap ‘n’ nasty wrapping. And it’s fun to make, either on your own or involving the whole family. 

Here’s a list of things to help you create gorgeous, unique, personalised DIY wrapping paper. Use sheets of brown parcel wrapping paper as your base, decorating the matt side with the shiny side inwards.  You can  also buy it on rolls, which is even better value for money.

  • watercolour paints, acrylic paints, poster paints and 3D fabric paints
  • motifs and patterns cut from bits of colourful fabric
  • motifs and patterns cut from scraps of old Christmas wrapping paper and greetings cards
  • tinsel and glitter
  • thin coloured craft card – which comes in packs of rainbow colours
  • glitter glues – use them like pens to draw patterns
  • coloured pencils, felt pens, marker pens and wax crayons
  • candles – draw a pattern with your candle and paint over it for a classic wax resist effect
  • inks – splash on some ink, fold your paper in half and you’ve got an amazing abstract design to decorate
  • spray snow and cotton wool balls
  • gold and silver paper, aluminium foil

Here’s some ideas for DIY wrapping paper designs. Don’t worry about overdoing it – Christmas is all about gilding the lily!

  • simple swirls – draw swirls with felt pen, glitter glue or whatever then… embellish
  • hearts – glue on cut out hearts or paint them on and decorate them. Or make a stamp from a potato 
  • abstract angels – a triangle for the body, a circle for the head and two wings
  • baubles – cover your paper with circular shapes and decorate each one so they look like xmas baubles
  • stars
  • robins

All of which leaves you more spare cash to buy lovely gifts using our discount codes!

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