Make money with your own Kleeneze home shopping business

cupcake stand in bright pink with white spotsI’ve always been a sucker for buying through catalogues, direct mail and the internet. And I know Kleeneze well, the source of a vast range of curious, useful and innovative products for the home.

It works on a franchise basis and unlike most, the initial outlay is tiny at less than £100 or so for the kit you need to start your business.

I buy every time George, our Kleeneze man, leaves a catalogue and it looks like a sure-fire way to make extra cash. So what’s it all about?

How does Kleeneze work? 

It’s simple. You work when you like, as much as you like. You distribute the catalogues door to door, collect the orders a few days later, deliver them when they arrive, take payment and earn commission on every sale. Customers can buy online too, also with personal delivery.

Like any business, the more you put in the more you get out. Our old Kleeneze chap used to leave just the one catalogue, George leaves a host of exciting booklets to go through and he’s much more pro-active. The Kleeneze site says their people earn anything from £50 to £500 a week and I imagine the more catalogues you distribute and the better your overall service, the more money you make.

Plenty of funky new products 

When I first came across Kleeneze about fifteen years ago their products were useful but dull. In the last few years they’ve cheered everything up, using gorgeous bright colours instead of plain white. Now you can buy beautiful kitchen gadgets, home wares and cleaning stuff in glorious colours, from rainbow kitchen storage sets to bright lime green and pink mops and buckets. Fab!  There’s also a constant stream of new products.

What you get when you start your own home shopping business

  • dedicated support centre to help you grow the business
  • expert training
  • guide books and DVDs
  • a supply of catalogues
  • a dedicated telephone line
  • your own personalised website, contact manager and online shop

Fancy giving it a go? Here’s a link to the Kleeneze UK site.


If you’re old enough to remember Tupperware parties, you’ll recognise the business model behind Ezeparty: you get people to hold Ezeparties in their homes, you have fun playing with Kleeneze products and you earn commission on sales. Here’s a link to the Ezeparty online brochure

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