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Make money by taking online surveys – Your opinion is valued!

Manufacturers, service providers and retailers spend a great deal of time and money on stuff like NPD (new product development), advertising, marketing and promotion. And market research is an important part of the mix. After all, how do you know if Joe public will want your new product or service unless you’ve asked first to establish demand? As a result there’s plenty of places where you can make extra money for your household by filling in online surveys.

You don’t make much per survey so it’s a volume game. The more you complete, the more income or rewards you generate. And you’re playing a valuable part in the creation of new consumer goods and services at the same time.

Where to start? I just searched Google for online survey sites in the UK and found Valued Opinions, a British paid surveys site. It’s a member-driven opportunity so you need to join first. Then you’re eligible to take part in research, which comes your way by invitation. If a Valued Opinions client needs the views of someone like you, whether it’s because of your age or postcode or whatever, you’ll get a message asking you to take part.

Most surveys take 15-20 minutes. The invitation includes an estimate of the time it should take and also provides a deadline.

How much can you make from online surveys? The maximum tends to be about £50 per survey but most pay a lot less. How do you get paid? Once you’ve clocked up £10 in your Rewards account you can cash them in as high street gift vouchers from some  of the biggest and best British brands. You can even give your earnings to charity is you like.

Valued Opinions*is just one of many UK online survey sites. A quick UK-only Google search comes up with more than a million results so there’s loads of choice and variety. Tomorrow we’ll be discussing how it’s easier to make £5,000 a year each from 5 small income streams than £25,000 from one big one. Online surveys might be a lucrative member of your fledgling money making stable. Why not give it a go and see?

*link removed due to page removal

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