Make a fab DIY garden chandelier from jam jars

Pinterest is great fun. I’ve spent hours exploring it and getting inspiration from people all over the world. This is one of my favourites and right up our street: a pretty, practical garden light, perfect to hold tea lights on a summer’s evening and made from the simplest, cheapest imaginable bits ‘n’ bobs.

Here’s a link:

How do you make it? 

1. collect some glass jars. You can use tiny, weeny ones or make a giant chandelier from big coffee jars and extra-sturdy wire

2. tie wire or a chain around the mouth of each jar to create a loop to hang it by

3. find a circular piece of metal or wood to suspend your jars from, either with holes in it or thin enough to cut or poke holes through. I found a cheap wooden embroidery frame, which is perfect, and hung my jars far enough below the frame to prevent it going up in flames

4.  suspend each jar from a little hook, available from hardware shops

5. create a wire loop from which to hang your creation