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Love is in the air with our dating discount codes…

It’s early summer and love is in the air. If you’re single, fed up with being on your own and in the market for true romance, we’ve got four excellent online dating discount codes to get you on the right track.

If you haven’t used an online dating site yet and you’re feeling a bit farty, here’s how it works.

You fill in a personal ‘profile’  including details about the kind of things you like – your outlook on life, hobbies and interests and so on – and the attributes you need your long term partner to have.

Once you’re up and running the dating site’s back-end software runs a series of algorithms designed to match your profile with the people you’re most likely to get on with. Which saves all sorts of hassle, time and potential heartache. If you’ve ever fallen head over heels with someone who turns out not to want a serious relationship after all, you’ll appreciate the sentiment!

You pick singles you like the look of. At this stage some sites let you message people free, which helps you decide whether or not you want to meet in real life. E-flirting is great fun!

If you want to meet in person you usually have to join and make a financial commitment at this stage, which is fair enough. They’re running a business, not a charity. Their charging structures vary and some have a choice of different membership levels.

As soon as you’re signed up, off you go. Here’s three top tips for a successful first date:

  • meet somewhere casual and neutral first like a pub, bar, cafe or coffee shop. Then you can back out gracefully if you don’t want to take things any further
  • dress casual/smart rather than turning up either looking like a tramp or embarrassingly overdressed – it’ll help put you both at ease
  • if you’re nervous, admit it. There’s no need to pretend. People like honesty and openness and it’ll put your new relationship on a good, strong footing right from the start

One of the nicest things about online dating is you meet new friends as well as – fingers crossed – finding love. Even if you don’t lose your heart straight away, meeting all sorts of like minded people means you widen your social circle.

Sounds like fun? Then cut the cost with our online dating discount codes:

  1. Click&Flirt discount codes*
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* link removed due to page removal

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