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Little kids don’t need new clothes!

It’s surprising how expensive baby clothes and little kids’ clothes are. They’re tiny. But they cost a small fortune! The thing is, children grow out of their clothes in no time, leaving you with bundles of costly gear that’s barely been worn. That’s why so many people have turned to bartering or swapping baby and kids’ clothes instead of endlessly buying new. 

Little kids aren’t fashion conscious, thank goodness, and baby and toddler clothes haven’t changed much over the decades. Catwalk style doesn’t come into it, so second hand and nearly new kids’ clothes are a brilliant way to save cash. And because they’re free or low cost you won’t be too worried if your kids trash their clothes… encouraging healthy, messy play! 

If you have a baby you probably have a wide network of friends and acquaintances who have babies and young kids too. All at different ages. So why not get together for a regular swapping session?

You can get excellent quality used childrens’ clothes on ebay, at boot fairs and in charity shops, often almost new and barely worn. Or try your local boot fair. The same goes for toys – they’re also horribly expensive. Little kids grow out of their toys at a remarkable speed and it’s a shame to get rid of perfectly good stuff just because your little ‘un is bored with it.

It’s actually possible to deck your child out beautifully in good quality clothing from birth to school age, without spending  a penny. Which saves you a bomb as well as leaving you with plenty of spare cash to splash out on new kids’ gear for special occasions like birthday parties and christmas celebrations.  Try our Tumble Tots discount codes, Tommee Tippee discount codes and Baby Curls discount codes for a start!  



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