Learn for less with ICS – Up to 30% off specially selected courses

logo for ICSIn a rut? Bored? Broke? Can’t see the financial wood for the trees? Have you decided it’s time to change your own life because no other bugger’s going to do it for you?

If you’ve lost your job, fancy a career change or want to take your first steps on the career ladder, ICS Learn provides more than 150 respected distance learning qualifications covering a vast range of subjects, interests and jobs. When you’re looking for something new to learn, whether it’s for fun or personal development or profit, you can’t go far wrong with distance learning. All you need is time, determination and dedication.

Distance learning courses with ICS

Courses include accountancy and finance, animal care, beauty and fashion, business, childcare and teaching, English, engineering, HR, law, management, maths, psychology, computer skills, sciences and the trades.

  • Interest free payment if you need it
  • Learn at your own pace, at home, with no set term times
  • get support from expert tutors on every course
  • take nationally-recognised qualifications
  • an excellent online Virtual Learning Environment to support your goals

You can search courses by goal, for example by whether you want to change careers, just learn something new for fun or progress in your profession. And you can also search by qualification.

If you want to find out exactly how distance learning works, and whether it’ll suit you, there’s masses of really good guidance on the site. Plus live web chat, plenty of student reviews to check out and all this useful information to explore:

  • How to identify your goals and develop your skills
  • distance learning for groups – why not get your friends and family involved, too?
  • How to choose the right course
  • payment options and offers
  • help and support with studying
  • all you need to know about assignments
  • support and guidance with everything to do with exams
  • FAQs

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