Kids clamouring for electronics? Use discount codes!

There’s a wealth of brilliant electronic goodies available this Christmas and kids all over the country are clamouring for the latest gadgets. There’s some really good deals on the high street but why not save time and hassle – and money – by using our discount codes?

Here’s our top 5 electronic retailers for Xmas 2010, whether you’re after an iPod or a Kindle, a Microsoft hands-free Kinect game controller, a Wii or the latest games:

  • Currys discount codes – £40 off when you spend £399 on a TV… and loads more great bargains!
  • Novatech discount codes – For the best in discounted hardware and exciting computer stuff
  • Dell discount codes – For top quality PCs and laptops in a choice of cool and funky colourways
  • discount codes – White goods, brown goods, gadgets and loads more
  • Oyyy discount codes – Gaming, digital imaging, cartridges, PCs, printers… you name it!

A word about the Microsoft Kinect hands-free games controller. It’s an incredible piece of kit, praised in New Scientist magazine’s 4th December issue as a mini-revolution in gaming and much more. It looks likely to have a zillion exciting applications as well as gaming, from cheap robots that could scour disaster areas for victims to countless amazing artistic, creative and practical applications. Released in Europe early this month, it’s flying off the shelves and looks like being a massive seasonal best seller.  Go for it!