Jenny’s Super Saving Saturdays – 26th May 2012

Wow! The sun is shining, the drinks are flowing (albeit a cup of tea), my husband’s taken our 3 week old daughter on her first ever trip to Tescos, and all I can hear whilst chilling out here in my back garden are the sounds of chirpy little birds and a distant tractor, churning up the Essex countryside – life is good!!

It’s at these peaceful moments when my brain starts working overtime (silly I know) and I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to make this relaxation time a regular thing, but me being me, laying here in the sun with my feet up, letting time slip away, just doesn’t feel very productive, so I’ve decided to put these gorgeous, serene, calming moments to good use in the form of ‘Jenny’s Super Saving Saturdays’.

My Super Saving Saturdays (or for the sake of my fingers, SSS from here on in) are quite simply going to be my highlights of the blogging week gone by, detailing some of the fab money saving blog posts I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying over the past week, with the idea that you guys will find them equally as useful and informative. So here goes…

6 Tips To Rocking Yard Sales This Weekend – Yard sales a few and far between in the UK, especially in the surrounding areas of London, but one thing we do love is a good old car boot sale, and these handy tips from @BudgetsAreSexy are a must for any boot sale enthusiasts!

How To Save Money On Moving – We live in a cosy 2 up 2 down right in the heart of Essex and with the recent addition to the family we’re very quickly realising that if we don’t just want to stop at one little terror (which we don’t), we’re going to need to start looking at getting a bigger house, closer to the city for the futures sake. But moving is expensive and money, unfortunately, doesn’t grow on trees! However, help is at hand in the form of these frugal pointers from @FrugalDad which will remove some of the financial pain, haha see what I did there?

The Basics Of Starting A Profitable Website – Money is tight and the situation here is quite obviously not improving so there has never been a better time to look for additional income. This informative post from @MoneyNing lists 5 steps to website success, but let it come with a warning. Starting and maintaining a successful website is a time consuming process, which takes dedication and motivation. If you can’t see yourself committing your time to a new site/blog, or you wouldn’t be prepared to put this new project above other aspects of your life, it simply isn’t going to work as effectively as it could. However, if you feel you are willing to give it a chance and really commit to the goal of become a credible blogger, then use these 5 fab steps and get to work!

The Thrifty Families Blog Carnival – As you can probably tell from the format of this post, I absolutely love a good old blog carnival, especially one that brings together such wonderful money saving tips and advice such as getting your hands on a £20 moses basket, tips on how to eat out for less and great ideas for how to decorate on a budget – thanks @BabyBudgeting for the great list!

Shopping From The Cupboards – With one extra mouth to feed in the very near future, my thoughts have recently turned to what happens when my maternity pay runs out in a few months time. So, just recently my husband and I have been eating from our cupboards as much as possible to really save all that we can. It normally consists of us rooting around at about 6pm every evening to see what wonders we can whip up, but we’d never thought of planning the meals at the start of the week (which makes perfect sense). Naturally I googled the concept of eating out the cupboards and came across this super resourceful post from @FrugalFamily

Beware Of Emails From HMRC Promising Tax Rebates – My final mention of the week serves as more of a warning to remain ever vigilant of those awful phishing scams which bombard our inboxes on a daily basis. This one particularly struck a chord with me as it’s a scam that seems particularly malicious in intent and is obviously well orchestrated, with the fraud email dropping at the same time as the official HMRC issuing of rebates. Think before you click guys and thanks Rob at @MoneyWatch for the heads up!

As always if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to post below or email me at Jen [at]

Have a gorgeous weekend,

Thanks so much to RayaGr for the gorgeous image