Jenny’s Super Saving Saturdays – 23rd June 2012

Greetings from sunny Essex, I’ve had a great week if not hectic, and I’m beginning to understand just what multi-tasking means.  With baby washing that needs to be done, as every item of clothing my new baby possesses seems to have baby sick on it, to tidying the house, to changing nappies and of course trying to catch up on some sleep inbetween.

But to say I’m enjoying being a new Mum would be the understatement of the century, I am loving every second, even at 3 a.m. when my little darling thinks its time to scream the house down, after she has been so quiet all day. Best of all, we have at last had some much awaited sunshine, so have been able to get out and go for some lovely long walks in the park feeling proud pushing my new pram.

But onto other things, the Olympic fever has well and truly taken hold here, we are not far from the Olympic Stadium and the streets are beginning to resemble a Union Jack fest of flags and bunting.  Some are left over from the recently held Queen’s Jubilee, and now we are in the middle of the Euro’s where good old England have just won their group and through to the quarter finals, so may as well leave all the decorations up now for the Olympics which will be held in around 30 days.

I must say I am just as excited as the next person, and pleased to say my tickets arrived this week, that I queued up for what seemed like hours, on the phone, which seems an age ago now.

Now to stop my mind from turning to purely baby brain, my SSS will save the day, and at the same time hopefully will help you in the advice and tips these great blog posts have to offer.

Frugal vacations

This is a nice article with some brilliant tips for travelling on a budget, from checking out the best prices for accommodation, to taking advantage of free activities that are around.  Infact there are some great ideas for everyone to enjoy.

How to create a spiral garden

I absolutely love this post, it is so inspiring and a cheap way of making a centre piece for your garden.  The materials needed can usually be found within your own garden, or maybe a friends.  Also the fact that it doesn’t matter what size of garden you have, you can fit the spiral garden in to suit.  There are many alternatives as to what you can grow in the spiral garden, be it herbs or fruit, maybe grasses or even vegetables.

Satisfying the meat eaters

This is a great recipe especially if you wish to reduce your intake of meat, and one that can be made quite cheaply.  With good step-by-step instructions, and lovely images to go with it, its definitely one to try and recreate.  As for the Jam Roly Poly, well lovely childhood memories come flooding back for me of helping my Mum in the kitchen to make this particular favourite.

Cutting the weekly shopping bill

This guest post featuring on The Diary of A Frugal Family talks about living on a budget, with the day to day issues of making ends meet, many families have to rely on ways to spread their income, so some great tips and ideas here to help you do that.  I particularly love the idea of not worrying about supermarket snobbery, if things are cheaper it pays to shop around and go in the lesser known branded shops.

How to pay for your first home

A helpful article for all the first time buyers out there, explaining some tips and advice to assist you in which can be a particularly stressful, and sometimes confusing time.

If you’re frugal, you don’t need to earn as much as everyone else

A really interesting article, putting it out there that if you live more thriftly you don’t need to earn as much money, which in turn helps you to gain in other ways.  I particularly like the idea of being able to give back in this situation, for example by not spending so much, the writer was able to reduce her fee when teaching children to play the piano, which in turn enabled those children to enjoy the gift of playing music. This they may not have been able to do if their parents had been charged more for the lessons.  I’d love to know what you think on the subject, and if you have been able to do something similar.

Well, that’s all for another week, hope you have a great weekend, see you for more SSS action, same time,  same place next week.

Ta Ta For Now,

Jenny x