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It’s time to shop around for the cheapest electricity and gas

Utilities companies are dropping their prices right now as classic market forces come into play. When one of ‘em does it, the rest are forced to follow or risk losing thousands of customers. Let’s hope it kicks off an energy price reduction landslide…she says, with her rose tinted glasses on!

Sadly, most of the buggers raised their fuel prices by anything from 10 – 20% recently, so the odd 5% reduction here and there isn’t exactly generous. But it’s better than nothing. If you’re sick and tired of paying too much for electricity and gas and you feel your supplier is well and truly taking the mickey, it’s time to switch… and keep switching.

Most utilities firms make it easy to switch these days and it’s even easier to defect via websites like, where you’ll find all the best deals on energy as well as mobiles, TV, home phones, broadband and credit cards.

Industry regulators have criticised energy suppliers for their complicated tariffs, which are a nightmare to compare or understand without help, so uswitch saves you all manner of hassle and stress as well as time and hard cash.

Because it’s relatively easy to switch these days, it’s well worth making sure you check back regularly to see whether you hook get a better deal elsewhere. Some utilities companies let you switch between tariffs on-site and save cash, so that’s also worth looking into.

There are plenty of fixed tariffs available. I’ve just fixed ours for two years because, on reflection, unless suppliers cut their prices drastically, it’ll probably be the cheapest energy option in the long run. After all, with supplies of fossil fuels running low right across the planet and demand rising apace, there’s no way energy prices are ever going to be cut right back so they’re as low as they were in the good old days!

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