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It’s holiday time… with holiday discount codes!

It’s the summer holidays and we’ve lined up a shedload of superb holiday discount codes. And there’s a load more at the ready to cover all sorts of essential holiday related stuff. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the best leisure discount codes for August 2010… hold onto your hats!

As well as flights discount codes at Air New Zealand, Air France,  Cathay Pacific,  Finnair, Lufthansa and many more, we’ve got airport parking discount codes from BAA Airport parking, Airparks, Auto Europe, BCP… the list goes on.

We’re also offering car hire discount codes from a multitude of suppliers including Avis, Car Rental Bookers, Decode Car Hire and And to help you cut the cost of quality hotels, we’ve got masses of hotel discount codes from Corus Hotels to Britannia Hotels, Design Hotels to Amber Inns and Clifton Hotels.

If you fancy doing something unusual this summer we’ve got discount codes for DoSomethingDifferent, Eurocamp, Disneyland Paris, Cruise UK and even a range of railway travel discount codes for those of you who love to take off into the blue yonder by train!

 Don’t leave home without them – use our discount codes this summer and cut big chunks off the cost of your holiday fun!

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