It’s fun Friday – Here’s our top technology and appliances discount codes

By on May 11, 2012Tech & Gadgets

In the 1970s a power cut meant no telly, radio or lights… and that was more or less it. In the days before central heating was common, along with thousands of others my Mum blundered around pitch black supermarkets with lighted candles stuck to her shopping trolley to show her the way. Today it just wouldn’t be allowed – talk about a health and safety nightmare!

These days when the electricity goes pear shaped, we’re in much deeper poop. We’re incredibly gadget hungry and life feels very strange without them. C’est la vie. But we love our gadgets and appliances, and they’re remarkably cheap compared to back then. Here’s a bunch of technology and appliances discount codes to help you stock up on first class gadgetry for less!

  • free delivery when you spend more than £49 with our Novatech discount codes, perfect if you need a new PC or laptop. There’s an excellent  clearance sale on at Novatech right now, too
  • save up to 30% on a smart Vogels  telly wall mount when you buy any TV with our Amazon discount codes, a great way to save space in a small room
  • Buy a fabulously posh Bosch free-standing fridge-freezer for just £321 with our Boots discount codes
  • Grab an Advent laptop from just £249 with our Currys discount codes
  • Save 25% on  selected brand TVs with our Argos discount codes, in time for the Jubilee and Olympics
  • Shave 20% off the amazing Medion Akoy  E6221 Blu-Ray Notebook with our Sainsbury’s discount codes

What to do next time we have a power cut?

  • read a book by candlelight
  • play hide and seek and charades with the kids, or get your old board games out
  • use your gas camping stove to heat up simple meals like baked beans
  • make a fantastic ploughman’s lunch by candlelight
  • invite your mates round for a sing-song
  • stay in bed!
  • buy a wind-up radio and wind-up torch
  • remember your freezer contents are probably insured under your home insurance content policy if they get ruined

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