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“It’s easier to make £5,000 each from 5 micro-businesses…

…than it is to make £25,000 from one small business.”

If you’re feeling insecure in your job, with redundancies a possibility in 2012, or you’re out of work right now and looking for new money-making opportunities, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s often much easier to make small amounts of money from a collection of mini-businesses than it is to make a larger amount from a single small business.

Can you do it? Find out by creating a couple of common sense lists.

First sit down and list absolutely everything you’re good at, whether it’s hobbies or activities, work-related or personal stuff. Then add the things you like doing most, if they’re not already on your list. Here’s mine, to give you an example.

  • creative and commercial writing
  • graphic design, painting and drawing
  • decorating
  • gardening
  • reading
  • translating complicated information into plan English
  • using html code
  • using WordPress
  • I know about print
  • I know about direct marketing
  • I know the local Downs like the back of my hand because I walk up there so often
  • I’m computer literate
  • I’m good at putting colours together so they sing
  • I’m efficient and organised
  • I’m good at seeing the wood for the trees
  • I play the recorder

We don’t always realise we’re good at something ’til someone else points it out! So ask your family, friends and workmates if they can shed light on any skills or attributes you’ve missed.

Next, explore the money making potential of the things you’re good at and love doing best. Here’s my list.

  • creative and commercial writing – make a few quid writing for local businesses
  • painting and drawing – make extra cash creating and selling art
  • decorating – earn money decorating for friends, relatives and in your local area
  • gardening – generate income clearing gardens, creating beauty from chaos
  • using html code – make money helping individuals and small businesses maintain their websites
  • using WordPress – get paid to help people and businesses set up and run their blogs
  • I know about direct marketing – get paid to help local businesses create workable, profitable marketing plans
  • I know the local Downs like the back of my hand because I walk up there so often – arrange paid guided walks for locals and visitors
  • I’m computer literate – earn extra money teaching other people how to use computers
  • I’m good at putting colours together so they sing – get paid to advise people and organisations about their interior decor
  • I’m efficient and organised – make dosh helping local businesses get and keep their admin act in order
  • I play the recorder – charge to teach people how to play

Next, you need to research each option carefully. We’ll cover that tomorrow.

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