Is your brilliant product idea a commercial winner?

Innovate logoYou woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea for a new product, completely out of the blue. Or maybe you’ve had an idea fizzing away in the back of your mind for ages but haven’t a clue what to do about it.

Who knows, it might be a life-changing thing that makes you rich, something almost everyone on the planet needs at one point or other in their lives. A little spark of genius.  Or it might be a crazy idea that nosedives into immediate obscurity. But you’ll never know unless you do something about it.

Turning ideas into reality

DIY new product development can take years as well as barrowloads of cash and stress. But companies like US-based Davis Design & Development are here to help… wherever you are in the world. They help ordinary people who have great ideas bring them to life at an affordable cost.

It’s their job to help you turn your new product idea or invention into real product samples and get them in front of the organisations most likely to buy them. And they’ve assembled a large team of exert professionals to handle everything from the pre-development side of things to packaging design.

Get a no-cost consultation

Davison can’t guarantee your invention will be licensed by a corporation, but with their experience and contacts  it’s more likely than if you try to go it alone. If you want to have your new product idea prepared and presented to potential licensees, all you do is fill in their Confidentiality Agreement to get a free consultation about your idea. Then at least you’ll know up front whether or not it’s got legs.

Handy information for wannabe inventors

Their website includes a load of useful information, including stuff about how to avoid the pitfalls of NPD, a product gallery and a load of cool success stories.

Innovate design – dedicated to British inventors

There are other organisations who do much the same thing, including the UK-based Innovate Design. They specialise in patent search, patent office and invention development advice.

They’re dedicated to helping British inventors and provide a hugely useful free information pack including all sorts of info about patenting and protecting inventions or product ideas, the best routes for selling your idea, how to develop and launch it. The pack also contains idea submission forms and a confidentiality agreement, via which you can get a free idea review about the best steps to take next.

Impartial feedback is best!

Friends and family might be biased, telling you your idea is the best thing since sliced bread when it’s actually totally loony. Ask a pro what they think and you’ll get impartial professional feedback.