Intelligent food shopping – Think first, save loads!

It’s all too easy to find yourself on auto-pilot when you’re doing the weekly food shop. Here’s 15 simple ways to save money on food by thinking first!

  1. It’s much easier to spend less when you shop for food online because you’re less easily distracted by the little emotional traps supermarket leave around the place, strategically, to ambush you: sweets at the till, full cream next to the fruit…
  2. Write a list before you go and stick to it
  3. Work out a route around the shop and stand firm, so you go past the stuff you need and avoid the aisles which are packed full of temptation
  4. Take a calculator and tot up as you go to avoid going over budget
  5. Use our month’s worth of simple recipes, featured earlier in this blog, and only buy the ingredients you need each week
  6. Buy own brand goods wherever possible instead of expensive or luxury brands
  7. Never go food shopping when you’re hungry or thirsty, you’ll only buy more than you need!
  8. Check the price per kilo on the shelf labels to make sure you’re getting the most for your money
  9. Buy large packs of coffee, tea, loo roll etcetera – they’re often cheaper per kg than small jars, packs and tins
  10. Remember that supermarkets often charge more for fresh foods like fruit, veg, meat and fish than greengrocers and butchers
  11. Loose fruit and veg are cheaper than stuff that’s ready-packed in cellophane and plastic containers and you cut the amount of waste you generate
  12. Buy goods that are close to their sell-by date, therefore on special offer, and use them straight away or freeze them
  13. A bargain is only a bargain if you actually use it, so resist temptation unless it’s something you know you really need
  14. Leave the kids at home and avoid pester-power!
  15. All supermarkets are roughly the same. Shop at your nearest store rather than driving somewhere further away through habit, and save cash on fuel  

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