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If camping doesn’t turn you on, how about ‘glamping’?

The thought of spending a holiday under canvas isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s one of the best value British holidays there is. So how can you make camping palatable if you’d rather spend a glittering fortnight in a posh resort than two weeks in a tent… but you’re too short of cash?

Glamping could be the answer to your holiday economy woes. And it’s a growing trend. So what’s it all about?

Glamping is the glamorous end of camping. It’s more about luxuriating in it than roughing it, and it begins with getting the right tent.

Get a tent that’s high enough to stand up in. If you’re into home comforts, spending your holiday trying to function normally bent double just won’t do. You can get some spectacular tent bargains, especially off-season, and we always have outdoors discount codes here on site.

Your next step is to take everything you need to make life comfortable… and beautiful as well. Some glampers take it to the extreme. They’ll dismantle their double bed and re-build it in their tent. They’ll take their duvet, pillows and sheets, plus lush cushions to lounge on. Rugs. Chiffon fabric to drape, creating a boudoir effect. Champagne and canapes. Proper chairs and a coffee table. The idea is to make your tent look and feel like something out of a glossy magazine.

If you want to go the whole hog and create a little palace your initial outlay can be quite steep. So use your ingenuity – and our discount codes – to do it for as little as possible.

Cooking is about as far from a basic camping stove and billy cans as you can get. A full-on gas barbecue, cool boxes, proper cutlery, crisp napkins, china and cups and saucers are the order of the day.

Soft towels, luxury soap, your fluffiest dressing gown, high heels, smart suits, shaving foam and hair gel, your dressing table mirror… it all adds up to a spectacularly posh camping holiday with a difference. And the best thing about glamping is, while your up front costs can be high the ongoing costs are really reasonable.

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