How To Use A Zavvi Discount Code

1. Head over to the Zavvi website

Zavvi is a great entertainment site, with hundreds of products to tempt you with.  The homepage is set out well, with headings for you to browse through, or a search bar if you are looking for a particular item.

Zavvi homepage screenshot

2. Choose the items you want to buy

Once you have found the item that you wish to buy, you will be able to pre-order in many cases.  If you are ready, you can now press "Buy", or the trolley icon button as highlighted.

Zavvi product page screenshot

3. Add the items to the basket

Now the item has been added to your basket, you can either "Continue Shopping" or "View Basket".

Zavvi basket confirmation screenshot

4. You are now at the Zavvi basket page

Once you have pressed "View Basket", you will land on "Your Shopping Basket" page, which is where you can add the discount code in the Zavvi "Got a discount code" panel.  If you wish to continue shopping, you can do so at this stage, or press "Checkout" to complete your purchases.  You can now log-in or register, and add payment details as appropriate.

Zavvi add discount code page screenshot